Nutrition Group | Nutrition Group Health & Sports Nutrition Products LABORATORY
Health supplement and Sports Nutrition manufacturing laboratory based in the UK. Gaspari Nutrition cnp professional Musclemeds pfizer
Sports Nutrition supplement manufacturing state of the art laboratory
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Nutrition Group plc is approved by the British Retail Consortium and operates the ISO 9001:2008 system. Full traceability is fundamental to all of our operational processes. Nutrition Group plc adheres to specified requirements set by the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. 


All products and formulations go through comprehensive assessments including:


  • Vitamin C Titrations 
  • Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) 
  • FTIR Scans (Fourier Transform Infra-Red) 
  • Ash Tests 
  • Taylors Blue Assay 
  • Density Tests (bulk and tapped density) 
  • Sieve Analysis 
  • Moisture Tests 
  • PH Tests 
  • Identification Tests for individual materials (each Tests unique to the material) 
  • Flow Tests 
  • Viscosity Tests