High- Volume, Low Recovery Training Programs Trigger Muscle Cell Abnormalities

Many popular Cross Training and Boot Camp – Type Programmes have been linked to an increase in overtraining conditions, Causing Severe Damage to Muscles.

Rhabdomyolsis is muscle destruction triggered by trauma or excessive training that results in the muscle contents emptying into the bloodstream which can result in kidney failure and death. This formerly rare condition has become commonplace with the popularity of high-volume training to failure. A study on rats by Rodrigo Souza and colleagues from Sao Paulo State University in Brazil found that 12 weeks of training with an excessive training load and insufficient recovery between exercise bouts resulted in a decrease in the muscle cross-sectional area of the plantaris , and triggered several cell structure abnormalities . Athletes should always remember that the primary purpose of training is to improve function and appearance performing macho workouts that hampers cell function is counterproductive. (Journal Strength Conditioning Research, 28 2338-2345,2014)


( J West / Nutrition Group / Sports Training / 1st June 2015)


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