Know your Supplements


Casein is a slow digestion Protein that takes the human body hours to break down and digest, which means that it keeps building and repairing muscle during extended periods of fasting, including when you are asleep.

The Science

Casein is a protein that is most commonly found in dairy products such as milk and cheese. It is a slow release protein because it takes the body longer to digest owing to its tendency to clot and form a gel-like consistency, so you can get a ‘drip-feed’ of protein into your bloodstream over a longer period of time


Protocol for casein

Casein should be a key part to your protein intake on a daily basis says nutritionist and Protein Dynamix ambassador Ollie Matthews,

Aim for two 30g servings a day of which should be before bed this will stop your body from going in to a catabolic mode during your over night fast .



J West/ Nutrition Group / Supplement Manufacturer / Casein /27th May 2015)


Nutrition Group plc is the UK’s fastest growing contract supplement manufacturer within the Sports Nutrition and Health Supplements market.


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